Susan M.

"Short-term assistance to help...women going through treatment."

Susan McDougall has long been associated with the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization. She has served many roles through the years, and is now in a pivotal one: she serves on the Linda Creed Patient Assistance Fund Review Committee. In this role, Susan, a survivor herself, helps to determine and distribute small grants from the organization to help women and their families during the difficult time of breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Susan couldn’t recall when she first learned about Linda Creed, but notes: “When I was first diagnosed in 1990 there were just beginning to be breast cancer organizations out there. I went to many breast cancer programs including Project LEAD sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) that was closely associated with LCBCO." In fact, LCBCO was a founding member of NBCC.

“I ended up on the Linda Creed program committee and later on the Board.” After a hiatus, during which Susan was diagnosed with a second breast cancer in 2009, she responded to the call to volunteer again: “I was eventually asked reconnect and to volunteer as a reviewer on the patient assistance team.”

Patient Assistance grants have an impact. Susan explains, “LCBCO provides short-term assistance to help with everyday bills which stress women going through treatment. Aside from co-pays and unexpected costs like transportation during treatment, many women find that they cannot work their normal hours and have less income. We do not pay for co-pays and medical costs but do help pay for other bills that don’t stop just because a woman is undergoing treatment.”

Susan likes to point out a few things that differentiate LCBCO from other organizations: “No one else in the Philadelphia area focuses on mammograms for underinsured women and on providing assistance to women going through treatment. LCBCF also has programs for African-American women and the LGBT and trans communities.”