Shirlee K.

"Linda Creed was my niece."

Linda Creed was my niece. Following Linda’s funeral, a few family and friends returned to her house. All were seated in the living room, dominated by Linda’s baby grand piano where she did all of her writing. All agreed a proper memorial be created in Linda’s name. It was Lisa B. who took up the challenge and invited a few friends to her home to discuss how best to do this.

Lisa invited one of Linda’s doctors to a meeting. He suggested that if we wanted to do something meaningful, we should do mammograms for women who had no insurance. All agreed that would probably please Linda. As a family member of Linda’s, I was always grateful for the opportunity to focus my efforts on the mammography program. In this way, I could interact with the women who were taking advantage of our services.

My husband Gene and I ran the screenings for years. We would hear women’s fears and offer our then-young foundation’s help in dealing with their trauma.

I took a hiatus from my volunteer work because of my husband’s health issues beginning in 1999. When I returned to the foundation’s work some years later, it had expanded. The education component was broadened to include risk factors and the different signs and symptoms of breast cancer that women might experience. In order to promote good breast health, the organization uses breast models to help women feel various changes they might feel in their own breasts. It’s important to find breast cancer early.

As a teenager, Linda went to Germantown High. She became aware of prejudice against African-Americans at that time and it resonated in her music. Part of Linda’s own legacy is intertwined in the work of the foundation – because we reach out to people in underserved communities where they don’t have insurance or can’t afford mammograms or diagnostic testing.

Why should people volunteer or contribute to Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization? We are a local, hands-on, personal organization. Linda always reached out to those less fortunate. If a person has a deep feeling about this – as Linda did – then our foundation is the place to express this feeling of doing something good for someone else. It’s like saying thank you to Linda who gave so much to the world with her music.