Sheri S.

"I jumped at the chance to help other women."

What do you do when your close friend, a breast cancer survivor, decides to help her son and my son complete their graduation project? Well you step in and help, of course.

Our sons needed to complete this project but they wanted to make sure the money they raised benefitted a local organization with a great mission. Since my friend was a breast cancer survivor the boys looked to see what was being done in the area and came across the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization. And that is how I came to learn about Linda Creed Breast Cancer. We all worked hard to raise funds for LCBCO and the fundraiser was a wild success. It was a fun time and I enjoyed watching the boys succeed.

In the process of organizing the fundraiser, I got to know Donna Duncan, the executive director. When she approached me and asked if I would continue to help Linda Creed Breast Cancer, I jumped at the chance to help other women get that important mammogram. Since then and to this day I help on Screening Days at Frankford Hospital.

I was recently asked what motivates to continue volunteering. ”It is a wonderful, wonderful cause,” I replied. “The women who come to the screenings really appreciate the ability to get a mammogram. It is just terrible not to have insurance.”