Sallie H.

"I'm happy to help someone."

Sallie first got involved with Linda Creed Breast Cancer when she went to a meeting at Bright Hope Church. She worked with another Linda Creed volunteer at Temple University Hospital near her home. “I went to a Safe Circle meeting and I was hooked!”

At 90-years old, Sallie remains a committed volunteer: “I love what I do…talk to women about breast cancer, give out literature, give them support.” She adds, “I have my Linda Creed cards and tell anyone who visits me that if they know someone who needs a boost, to have them call me!” If a woman has surgery for breast cancer, she visits because “it’s a blessing to have someone who knows what they are going through.”

She tries to convey to those she counsels, “You are not out there by yourself. I’ve been there, any ordeal you are going through – I’ve been there.”

Sallie’s positive attitude is inspirational: “I have a spirit where I’m happy to help someone. I’m thankful each morning that I get to live another day. I pray for women who have breast cancer and I pray for those who don’t have it – that they will not have to face it.”

In addition to education and outreach, Sallie’s fellow Safe Circle members, all survivors, raise money from their churches to help women get mammograms and screenings through Linda Creed. “We have been together for years – when we discuss ideas, there’s no argument, no disagreements. We discuss and decide.” A supportive and happy group, the Safe Circle participants have as a guiding principle: “To reach women with the message that they are not alone.”