Ruth T.

“I feel like I’m part of the Linda Creed family.”

A few years ago, I went for a check up. I had a painful lump in my right breast. I didn’t have medical insurance. My girls were little – middle school and junior high. I was really scared but I got the name of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization. I scheduled a diagnostic test at Jennersville Hospital. When talking to Donna to make the appointment she told me not to worry, sometimes women have things like this. They gave me all the help I needed and the lump turned out to be cyst.

Then my daughter had a little problem, a lump in her breast. I reached out to Linda Creed Breast Cancer and again, Donna said don’t worry and set everything up at Chester Hospital. Luckily enough it had nothing to do with breast cancer and the lump went away.

I go for a check up every single year in October. I’m very religious about it. I have little surprises every once in a while and sometimes I need diagnostic testing. The first time really scared me. I remember Donna telling me – it could be nothing, it could be everything – I have to check it out. When I see Donna every year at Jennersville Hospital’s screening, it’s like I’m meeting family I haven’t seen in a whole year.

I don’t have insurance. Linda Creed has been helping me a lot. I feel like I’m part of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer family. I have been going a long time.
I’m sad because not that many people know about Linda Creed. Linda Creed people are really nice. Thumbs up for this organization and thumbs up for Donna.