Jenifer C.

“I am ever so grateful to Linda Creed.”

I’m a single Mom with four girls, one of whom got leukemia. I took off work, lost my job, unemployment ran out and I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in a bind. Carrying the burden as a single Mom for a long time and then to be struck with disease – both my daughter and myself – the fear really broke the scale. What was I going to do? I got treatment, but I was sick. A social worker at the Cancer Center connected me to the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization about Patient Assistance. It didn’t take too long to apply and got help for two months.

The first time I heard about Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization’s patient assistance, I was quite surprised. I thought – if someone is having a hard time, who is there to help? I was grateful I got medical attention, but I never would have imagined there was an organization out there to help with other things. If you could step in my shoes for just a moment – think of the joy it brings a person to have a week, a month, two months of assistance. I am ever so grateful to Linda Creed.

Now I have metastatic breast cancer – my fourth month on chemo, my body is really taking a beating. But if I have a window of strength, I don’t let it get me down. Three of my girls can drive me around. I can go get an ice cream – the simple things mean so much. The memory lasts.

I was able to get another grant. I talk about the experience with my children. The fear – and then the joy of knowing that we got two more months of support. I really don’t now if I can put into words how I felt.

My family and I are so grateful for Linda Creed. I really appreciate the help very much.