Evelyn S.

“I want to be able to pay it forward.”

When I was diagnosed, I was supporting a family of six was not able to work full-time. Two weeks after I started treatment, I was in an accident and my car was totaled. I was at the bottom of the heap. I went to my social worker to get financial help and learned about Linda Creed Breast Cancer’s Patient Assistance program.

My social worker helped me fill out the application I was so surprised – I didn’t know an individual could be blessed like this. My grandkids were surprised – they said, “You mean there are people who don’t even know us who gave us money?” The Linda Creed grant paid my rent for a month and took that worry off my mind.
Linda Creed came through at the right time and gave me hope.

My reaction? I want to be able to pay it forward: work with the foundation, work with Donna Duncan. I tell others how Linda Creed Breast Cancer helped me out. I tell people, there are generous benefactors out there.

To those who have breast cancer: Don’t hide, seek things out.