Dr. Eugene G.

Eugene G., MD first became involved with Linda Creed more than four years ago when he came to Penn Medicine Chester County. Linda Creed had a longtime presence in Chester County, so “I just got to piggyback along a well established relationship.” Asked about his impressions of the impact of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization in the community, he notes, “The impact is immeasurable to the women who are served. If only one cancer is caught in all the years I am involved, then Linda Creed is worth its weight in gold. I feel, one life, makes all that we do worth it!”

Dr. Gene continues, “To provide a recommended screening tool to those who cannot afford it is invaluable. It is peace of mind for the woman who is told that all looks good. In turn, it’s support to a woman who may have a finding, knowing that people care and will get it taken care of with the best treatment possible.”

Dr. Gene has a powerful message about his involvement, as a physician with the organization: “I let other people know that I took an oath to treat all, no matter what financial level, or insurance coverage, but when you work within a system you don’t get to make all the rules. Linda Creed allows me to fulfill that oath!”

When asked why generous individuals should support LCBCO, he replies, “Hard to answer a question with a question, but what is a life worth? Maybe, that woman who is provided care is the mother of our future President of the United States, but no matter what, every life matters. How do you put a price on that? So, generous donors give that hope to each and every woman.”

“I feel honored to be part of the team that helps.”