Claudia V.

“I was not alone."

I am 57 years old and I was born in Argentina. Now I’m an elementary education teacher but when I arrived in the US I only had one concern even though I was happy in this blessed country: How I was I going to pay for my mammograms? My husband’s salary at the time would only cover our basic needs.

I have a history of cancer in my family from both my mother and father. I saw how one by one they were dying from cancer...I was aware of my responsibility to have an annual check up after age 40.

Years after being here, I was talking to someone at church about my need for a mammogram and that I couldn't have one that year because of the [family] economics and they told me about Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization.

From the first time I arrived at the facility, almost without speaking the language and with the anxiety generated each year by the test and its diagnosis, I felt supported. This gave me peace of mind, knowing that I would not be putting my family in debt if something went wrong. In fact, twice they called me from the hospital after a test to do follow up tests because of a cyst and my family history of cancer. Donna and her team from Linda Creed were there to remind me that I was not alone and if something would go wrong they wouldn't leave me, that there are many people who gave their time and money so I wouldn’t have to go through this process alone.

At my age, most of the women in my family had already died. I thank God for his mercy on my life. There is no evidence of cancer in my body. There are no words to explain the relief of facing this situation year after year knowing that there is a group of angels telling us about the latest scientific discoveries and how to do self-examination for early detection. There are many others that we [the women Linda Creed serves] do not see face-to-face but are generous with donations so that in case something goes wrong we [the clients] face this process without the extra worry of not knowing how to pay.

Thank you and God bless you.