Chelsea A.

“I was glad you were there. Linda Creed helped me two times."

The two years in the last ten that I didn’t have insurance are the ones when I got the diagnosis. What are the odds?

I had no insurance when I was first diagnosed in 2009 after finding a quarter-sized lump in my breast. I went to the clinic and they referred me to the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization. My first impression? I was really happy someone could help me because I didn’t know what to do or how to pay for my screening. Linda Creed Breast Cancer helped me to get the mammogram and ultrasound and to get a biopsy that showed my cancer was Stage 1. By then the new insurance kicked in and I had treatment – the chemo road.

I had insurance for the next ten years. And then in 2018, I was without insurance again – and it (cancer) happened again! The second time, it was in the same breast, but felt completely different. I went back to Chestnut Hill Women’s Center – I wasn’t sure I could get help. I got a free mammogram again – through Linda Creed! They told me at reception there was a Linda Creed event that Thursday from 5:30-7PM. You could come in, participate for free – even if you had no insurance. I liked the education part of it. I went to the meeting and someone knowledgeable was speaking about breast cancer symptoms and how it can come back in the same breast.

I got a mammogram – but because I am young and have dense breast tissue, it didn’t show anything. So, I went back and got an ultrasound - it was Stage 3 cancer. Luckily, I got healthcare coverage after the diagnosis and received treatment. I’ve finished the last chemo of 16 rounds recently.

I do hair - I talk to other stylists and clients about my breast cancer. If I can talk about it, it helps others. I tell everyone about Linda Creed.

Linda Creed Breast Cancer helped me a lot – I’m so grateful.