Amy W.

"Knowledge is empowering."

Amy’s introduction to Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization came, strangely enough, through her 14-year-old son. She was a breast cancer survivor and when it came time for her son to complete his high school community service requirement he decided to do a fundraiser for Linda Creed Breast Cancer. He was attracted to our mission because his donation would do the most good by staying in the community.

Throughout the months of planning, Amy was right there alongside her son lending her efforts to make the fundraiser a success. Children grow and move on, but Mom is still at it, working the Frankford area screenings. Now a 21+ year breast cancer survivor, she was recently asked what continues to motivate her volunteer effort on Linda Creed’s behalf. “It helps save lives,” was her prompt response. “I know that because I will hear doctors comment to fellow health workers that there is a problem. As a breast cancer survivor, I feel I have a responsibility to let women know how to take care of themselves. Knowledge is empowering and what I do for women is encouraging and embracing.” It also helps to know that her efforts help the women who live and work in her community and is the larger reason for her continued service to Linda Creed.