For over thirty years, Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization (LCBCO) has empowered women and their families to learn about breast cancer and take control of the diagnosis and treatment process. Dedicated to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer with the goal of reducing unnecessary suffering and death associated with this disease, LCBCO helps women who are uninsured or underinsured to access free screening and diagnostic mammograms. The organization also makes available emotional and financial support during treatment.

An authority on breast cancer issues and treatment, LCBCO provides breast health workshops, a toll-free information line, individual patient navigation support and referrals to women both locally and nationally. The executive director of LCBCO serves on the Board of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, and in this capacity, helps to educate lawmakers in Washington, DC about the impact of breast cancer research funding.

The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization serves individuals in Southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware and the Poconos. LCBCO was founded in 1987 by family and friends to honor Linda Creed Epstein, an international songwriter and native Philadelphian who lost her eleven-year battle with breast cancer at age 37. Linda’s courage in the face of adversity and her positive outreach within the community inspired those closest to her to create a legacy that helps individuals stricken with the same disease that prematurely ended her life. Linda lives on in her music and in the work of the nonprofit LCBCO. Read more about Linda Creed.

Linda Creed Breast Cancer Organization
614 S. 8th Street - #277
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 564-3700